HPT - High Performance Team Training


What We Do

Strategise – Act - Reflect – Apply

Training for Life’s tailored made experiential programs are developed to help your team to deal with today’s complex and challenging environment. Training for Life programs addresses specific clients’ needs such as teamwork, problem solving, trust, communication and leadership. By using a mixture of mental and physical challenges and post challenge reviews and discussion, insights discovered and learned by individuals will be transferred back to their workplace.

Graduate Development Programs

One aspect of sustaining any businesses is to attract and develop talented graduates. Our specially designed program will help to develop these new talents in business skills, behaviour and commitment to the organizational structure and individual level.

Staff retreat

Need to reenergize your team and get everyone refocused on your company’s objectives?
An engaging and interactive Staff Retreat Workshop will help to raise your staff morale and anchor the company’s upcoming target and objectives.

Design + Build

In the half day program, teams will be challenged to build a mechanism ranging from a catapult, water wheel and a mobile unit. Teams will have to design, build and use the mechanism.

In the full day program, it will split into two parts. First part, teams will have to complete various team activities to earn the credit. The credit will be used in the second part to buy the various resources to build their mechanism.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Fostering Effective Communication
  2. Create Big Picture Thinking
  3. Meet New Changes with Enthusiasm

Lion Dance

In this full day program, teams will be taught the necessary skills to perform a lion dance. Teams will need to design and perform their own version of lion dance. Teams must learn and perform the roles of the musician as well. For added challenge, teams will be asked to perform the dance to a group of audience.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Deepening a sense of Responsibility & Ownership
  2. Play with a Purpose
  3. Celebrate Team Success

Sea Adventure

In this full day program there are two options to consider: manual or automatic.
Manual, teams will kayak to designated checkpoints.
Automatic, teams will travel to checkpoints by speedboat.
In both cases, teams may compete or work together to accomplish task.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Develop Team Relationships
  2. Strengthen Team Trust & Bonding
  3. Common Goal Achievemen